Kristian Barrett

Senior software engineer

Project list

Moving from Amazon Web Services to Azure Cloud Computing
Moving our dockerized application from AWS to Azure. The company I am working for partnered with Microsoft which required us to move our application to their infrastructure. Which we used as an incentive to move from service based hosting to a dockerized Kubernetes environment.
  • The differences between hosting in AWS and Azure
  • How to setup an infrastructure in Kubernetes as opposed to a more old school style of hosting services on Windows machines
  • DevOps on Azure - How to run and maintain a project in Kubernetes on Azure
Lead architect on our new product (MicroServices, DDD, CQRS)
Building a list of technologies and design patterns to be used in our new product. Building the proof of concept app and building the internal base Nuget packages.
  • Researching pros and cons in different tech stacks
  • Documenting, discussing and communicating my findings with my team
  • Presenting the vision for management
Samsung Bixby agent
Building a showcase app for Samsung Bixby 2.0 launch event. Showcasing it a long other companies like Über, Spotify etc.
  • Building applications based on cognitive models
  • External communication and working together with Samsung representatives
  • Designing alternative interfaces
Implementing subscription based user payment
We implemented user payment via partnering with Stripe. Building the backend dealing with a subscription based payment model.
  • Security issues surrounding payments
  • Webhooks for the securing the users payment status is reflected correctly
  • Modelling an abstract model that fit Stripe, App Store In-App Purchase and Google Play Billing
Moving our infrastructure from a small hosting firm to Amazon Web Services
We had some very bad fallouts on our hosting solution at the time. So to not lose any customers we did a full migration from a smaller Danish hosting firm to the cloud at AWS in 14 days.
  • Keeping calm and focused in a stressful environment
  • Working as one big team with all of our developers (normally we are split in smaller teams)
  • Securing data, service integrity and setup during this hectic move
Setting up IdentityServer4 for multiple different clients and APIs
Setting up identity server 4 for managing authentication across our Web Client, iOS client, and Android client. Along with securing APIs used by third parties to pull data from us.
  • The importance of doing authentication right. Building on top of great frameworks instead of reinventing the wheel
  • How complicated authentication can be to get right
  • Ability to alter the login-flow to suit our product and offer the best experience for our users